Guess who’s back!

Yeah, it’s our favorite attention grabbing whore Brad.

From Saturday:

Well, first of all, thank you for the most sexually charged day of my entire life!  And I’m so sorry for crossing the line and being disrespectful a couple of times in my madness. 

Obviously I am completely fucking broke and horrified by what I’ve done. I can barely live with what I did and I’m going to have go without “phone sex” of any kind and eat balogna sandwhiches for months.  I don’t expect to get away without paying to take the posts down, but I really hope that we can look at me paying the $100 as just a hopefully amusing way of tributing you, and you will still let me pay the $50 to take it down?  Even that I will probably have to wait a few days for because I’m already terrified my credit card company is going to call our house with a fraud alert and will be living in fear, trying to keep Annabeth away from the phone for the next 2 days. Thanks so much for everything, you’re really amazing for being able to deal with guys like me, let alone make it so fun! I love you,


ugggggh you guys

He also sent an email about his fat wife annabeth, which you can listen to a dramatic reading of here:

Of course he already left feedback. Barf
  • Penisbreath Brad

    Please, I know a lot of you who talk to Vicky must be pathetic losers like me, I’m desperate to hear from you! Comment on here, go to my xvideos page and comment or friend me, just please help humiliate me further! Also, whether you’re a pathetic loser or not, please know that I desperately want to suck your dick and lick you butthole! In fact, if you are disgusted by me, I just want to suck your dick more! Please let me!

  • Penisbreath Brad

    I know some of you might be curious but reluctant to spend the money for this goodie. So, with Vicky’s permission, just contact me however (through Vicky, through a comment here, on my xvideos page, on Twitter) and I will BUY A COPY FOR YOU and share it with you.

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