Happy Birthday?!

In an effort to get myself in the holiday and birthday spirit this year, I decided to take a page from Scroobius Pip’s book and give YOU something for my birthday.

Bonus, I’m already rolling out daily games, audios, videos, and more as I count my way down to Christmas, so I figured it would be pretty fun to go ahead and make the birthday thing available to my entire client list at no charge. Oooooh but what should it be? At the very least it should be:

  • Brand new- no one has heard or seen it
  • something a little more intimate than featuring one specific kink
  • maybe something I haven’t ever shared

Truthfully, I already know what I’ll be doing and I’m super freaking excited about it. The thought of you jerking off while listening to it just gets me extremely wet.

There’s still time to give my ideas… Click here to share yours with me

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