Gooner Encouragement Audio

You are such a good gooner! You’re so deep into your addiction you can’t help but drool and leak at the thought of pumping and getting further down the porn hole for me. Such good boy behavior deserves to be rewarded- so take out your cock and get ready to edge with me in this 12 + minute gooner encouragement audio.

Nuclear Option

Extreme wife humiliation-guaranteed to wreck your marriage/relationship in 1 quick voicemail. I am not responsible for what happens if she hears this audio. Get ready for the fear boner of your life: extreme humiliation, cheating. explicit language, porn addiction, exposure fantasy, and life ruination. Not for the faint of heart!!!

Corporal Punishment: Spanked!

My best friend’s dad found some photos we posted on social media. He found my pics on social media and decided that punishment was in order…I get spanked and fingered while over his knee, punished like the bad girl I am.

Breeding Farm Weekend: Part 1

A weekend getaway with the wife turns into something way more deviant as you learn your place at the breeding farm! Watch your wife get serviced by great big black bulls and service them in their off time. The perfect place for a cuck to get intense immersive training.
This goody is available as a recorded listing if you want to preview it: CLICK HERE!

Vicky’s First Orgasm

An audio story about my first time masturbating myself to a squirting orgasm. Hear me recount my first orgasm ever and begin to discover just how I grew from a sweet, kink-curious girl into a delicious deviant.

I also do customs! Drop me a note and let me know what you’d like.