Cucked by MAGA?

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Every so often I come across a new perspective on a fetish and it leaves me like this-[image of a crazy squirrel]

tell me more….

So with a new spin on cuckolding- cucked by MAGA. I get it. I see that there’s a lot of political creep into the porn arena, so that is understandable. And I can even see how the braggadocio faux alpha-male attitude some of those MAGA cocks seem to exude would play with other men. I mean, it’s pretty hot really, when you think about it.

The cuck, who is as of yet not really a cuck, laughs with his uber feminist girlfriend about their scumbag
“all lives matter” MAGA hat wearing, Trump loving neighbor with the conservative flag flying on the back of his pickup. He doesn’t feel threatened by this beer-swilling handy man high school drop out, why should he? Dude thinks Trump is the best think since Jesus walked. And yet… inevitably…

At the block party his girlfriend goes missing, he thought he saw her over by MAGA dick and the grill but now the grill is being manned by the middle aged dad-bro from three doors down. He cranes his head, searching the crowd. Is that the sound of his girlfriend whimpering on the edge of orgasm? Surely not.

Later that night when he tries to initiate sex she begs off, saying she has an early day tomorrow and needs a shower. He doesn’t connect her reluctance to the gap in her presence at the party.

Time passes, one night he comes home and smirks at his neighbor’s truck, rocking hard in the driveway. Tinted windows barely cracked. Oh yeah, dude is getting laid hard. The girl in the car is making all sorts of noise and when he heads inside he doesn’t think much of the fact his girlfriend’s car is in the driveway but she’s not in the house, after all she told him she was going for a run after work.

The woman’s cries of pleasure get louder and louder and knowing the timing of her runs, he sinks into the couch after cracking the front window and starts to jack off. He hears the woman cry out “Fuck me with that MAGA cock! Oh my god! Fuck me harder!” He strokes harder and comes in unison with her as she screams “Trump won!” at the top of her lungs. Then he shakes his head at the bizareness and goes on with his life. Moments later when his girlfriend runs in the room, hair plastered to her face with sweat, grey leggings darker in the seat as she runs upstairs, he doesn’t pay too much attention to it as he frantically struggles to make sure she doesn’t notice he just had a wank.

Several times over the next few days he thinks back to how hot that was and how the woman sounded a little like his girlfriend when he fucks her. Once, while he’s fucking her from behind as he is balls deep inside of her after eating her out for half an hour getting her ready and close to orgasm, he thinks she might sound A LOT like the woman in the truck. The thought sends him over the edge and he cums, leaving her unfulfilled after all that hard work.

It’s not until the day that he comes home and finds her being roughly fucked in his own bed by the MAGA cock neighbor that his mind goes back over all these instances and hindsight snaps into perfect clarity. His cock goes rigidly hard at the same time he feels sick to his stomach. She looks him dead in the eye, apologizing even as that cock still keeps pounding inside of her, “honey I am so SO sorry” she pants as she’s getting closer to cumming. Tears fill her eyes as she throws her head back screaming “MAGA for life” as she cums hard on the massive cock inside her. The beer swilling STILL MAGA hat wearing motherfucker sneers at him and continues plowing the girlfriend as she whimpers “please baby… forgive me… oh god please baby… FUCK me harder with that delicious MAGA COCK!”

Her alternating pleas for forgiveness and whimpers for more cock tear him up and just as he’s about to leave the room to go jerk his painfully hard cock off in private, the bastard shouts “SAY TRUMP WON YOU SLUT!” and his eyes fly open. No way is his uber feminist super liberal girl gonna take that kind of shit from anyone, exceptionally large cock or not, he thinks and adjusts his cock in his pants before crossing his arms over his chest.

She sobs in defeat and moans as she cums, “Trump won, Trump won!”

His cock twitches, but it’s not until the fucking asshole bastard Republican neighbor begins to pound into her harder as he cums shouting “Let’s Go Brandon! Let’s Go Brandon!” at the top of his lungs that his cock erupts in his pants so hard his knees go weak and he’s shocked as the guy pulls out and his cock is unsheathed, cum stringing from her pussy to his cockhead as he slaps her on the ass and says, “you know slut, you’re not too bad of a fuck for a feminist” and hikes his dirty jeans up before leaving the room.

Stunned and horrified the cuck looks at his girlfriend as she exclaims her apologies over and over before looking him in the eye and gesturing to her pussy… “well… it’s not going to clean itself.”

Where can a good liberal man turn to but MAGA cucking when he acknowledges that BBC porn, when mixed with breeding and cuckolding stems from stereotypes that further Other the Black male and perpetuate a racist narrative? Why… MAGA. The shame of seeing the masculine in the reviled, after all, is what some cucks really really get off on. So yeah, it’s kind of normal, right?

Makes me almost wanna go out and try it for myself…

Hear my audio rendition:

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