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2023 Things to Look Forward To

2022 was wild and I am hoping 2023 will be even wilder!

That’s got to add up to at least a 5 gallon jug of cum, right?!?

Last year had its ups and downs, as every year does. Some years just hit harder than others. After having pneumonia in May, the rest of the year was learning that pneumonia is no joke and that rest is vitally important. Since you know me, you know that rest isn’t exactly something I do well until, well… forced to by outside circumstances.

I have 10 new goodies ready to be published, and I am hoping to keep up a schedule of publishing 2 goodies a week, all year round.

To get you excited for what’s coming here are the categories I will be focusing on, in alphabetical order.

  • Cuckolding- if something is in this section, there’s active cucking involved, not just forced-bi
  • Fetish- this is a catch all for random things that don’t fit elsewhere in my catalog.
  • Fantasy- story time! Sexual fantasies
  • Gooning- there will be videos, triggers, and more for you to edge yourself dumb and dehydrated to
  • Domination- this will cover domination and humiliation
  • Home Wrecking- All the cuck adjacent stuff + home wrecking, wife humiliation, wife training etc
  • Vicky- Things that are all about me, confessions, masturbation sessions and more
  • Sissy- I love sissies and this is their YEAR for my account! I have several task lists and feminization assignments that I can’t wait to share
  • CEI- cum eating instructions fit both cuckold, fetish, domination, and sissy so they get their very own category!
  • Intox- I’m ridiculously excited for some of the games and goodies I have planned for this category.

It’s not too late to ring in the new year with me! Click the image below and buy my NYE Gooning Countdown now!

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