Why I love race play Niteflirt

Why I love Race Play

“Really? I wasn’t aware that Niteflirt was accepting EBT as a form of payment.” This was my reply to a caller who had just notified me that he was a black male looking for race play. His chuckle came through my ear bud, appreciative. “Damn.”

By the end of the call he’d been called every name in the book, quite a few he hadn’t heard outside of textbooks, and was a gooey mess at my telephonic feet. “Next time you call me, boy, make sure you get my attention with a tribute,” I said before hanging up. The next day I would go into a classroom full of Black students, with me the only white person in the room, telling them about this exchange. That conversation would eventually lead me to addressing many different groups POC to discuss racial humiliation with them.

At first, when asked if I was comfortable with race play, I wasn’t. I’d been dominating men over the phone for awhile by that point, but actually grew up in an area where the population was super diverse (Southern California) and I knew already that there are just some words you don’t say outloud. I skipped over the n-word when singing along to hip hop and to this day will call it the n-word in mixed company or outside of a phone call. The same goes for the following phrases: kike, slanty eyed Charley, Ching Chong, camel fucker, towel head, shwarma, and Paki. They felt dirty and unclean in my mouth. Kind of the same way saying “you tiny dicked piece of shit loser” felt the first time.

But have you ever just cut lose and let out all your frustration on someone who is sexually aroused by humiliation? When you do it right and the other person breaks down sobbing, broken, replete with orgasm, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment. The tickle of getting to do something naughty that you would never-ever-in a million years dream of doing outside of the shared space that a phone call allows? Even better.

Over the course of my career, I can think of about many different people who have had some amount of racial humiliation in their fantasy. I hesitate to label race play a Black only racial humiliation thing. Nearly every race, and further, ethnicity has its own flavor of contemptuous slang for their nearby neighbors, and as such, the white on Other humiliation game is not limited to Black people by a long shot.

My first experience with race play ever, actually, was with a Pakistani man. I was working on a British phone line at the time as I was living in the United Kingdom. Luckily my neighbors were Pakistani and I had heard plenty of slurs and insults hurled at one another through the walls and was friends with my neighbor Farha as well. I called him a filthy Paki, told him to fuck off back home you bloody ethnic (likewise something I had overheard but this time aimed at my neighbors) and by the end of the call he was a happy little mess and so grateful that I would do that for him. Not just that I did it, but that I understood it’s not just about the words but when and how you apply them.

Since that first call, I have usually maintained a pretty even handful of Asian, Indian Sub Continent, Black, and Middle Eastern race play clients- there is sometimes a lot of crossover between race play and religious roleplay within my client base. Let me be clear- these are only MY experiences and MY thoughts on how race play applies to me and MY business. I do not believe that performers of color, regardless of their gender, should be made to be the one who is racially humiliated unless they themselves are okay with it. I currently have a stable of about three different and I do mean radically different from one another Black men, two Muslims one of whom is Middle Eastern and the other Pakistani in origin, as well as a Chinese man. A whole basketful of ethnicities!

The ONLY thing that ties these callers together is that during their particular fantasies, which range from a rather aggressively desired blow job from yours truly to complete religious and homosexual humiliation before the church elders, is that during the narrative they wish to be demeaned and degraded using the STRONGEST possible language. Humiliation, in and of itself is a process of othering oneself from the desirables. So is it not then, an understandable leap from humiliation to the desire to bring in the severest form of othering language, the racial slur?

Race play here, as racial humiliation, then is almost always separate from interracial cuckolding. Many people are becoming more aware of the problematic roots of othering and racism with interracial cuckolding. I am not addressing those things here at this time, other than to say I will freely engage with them, in so far as the worship of interracial cock before an inferior white cock. That said, my BBC loving cucks will not be hearing me verbally abuse my bulls and frankly, I’d be surprised were they to ask.

As the industry and humanity itself becomes more aware of the problematic nature of Othering, there is a growing trend to deny requests for racial abuse and humiliation. On the one hand, I understand this. Most of us don’t truly delight in putting others down or demeaning them. I find that my arousal when doing such things springs more from the acknowledgement that I am turning on the subject of my abuse than the actual abuse itself. However, I find it hard to take the stance that calling a person a racial slur at their request, is the wrong thing to do. Telling someone that their desire to be humiliated, however they desire it is WRONG or BAD (outside of play) removes that person’s agency, which I find to be even more damaging than fulfilling their fantasy.

I am not the sole arbiter of taste and as such, I refuse to not engage with requests for racial humiliation when they are aimed at the caller- you- at the caller’s request. I find arguments of “but I can tell he’s not Black/Mexican/OTHER by his voice” to be suspicious at best and rooted in a sort of benevolent racism.  Frankly, I’m not here for that. I’m here because I enjoy sex, I love kink, and I absolutely adore making people cum for me. If that means I have to degrade you racially, than by all means, tell me your favorite slurs or let yourself be surprised by the ones that I think up.

If you’ve ever yearned to be told by a white woman that you will never be able to wash enough of the stain of color from your skin for her to allow you to defile her body with your touch- I am your girl. If you need me to tell you that Indian men were born submissive and should stay submissive to perfect white women such as myself, look no further. I may be far more liberal and progressive than some men would like, but let me tell you, nothing makes me happier than taking your money and making you cum, and if I need to drop a few racial slurs to do it?? Even better.

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