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Last night I had the most amazing time playing with James.

You may or may not have heard me recently (in the last year) extolling the virtues of Korean television. You may have even been encouraged to watch a little or at least try. So you might recognize the scene that inspired me to do this with James. I couldn’t help myself, after rewatching Somebody for the nth time (especially certain parts, over and over and over) I just had to do with James.

I love masturbating in front of James, masturbating with James, all of it. This is where we started- me, on the couch, touching myself to get his attention. Him, leaning against the hutch, watching. Dispassionately. He told me that for every orgasm I have, he will remove one piece of clothing. (Lucky it was summer, I’m not sure I could have made it through if he’d been in a 3-piece suit.)

My first two or three orgasms came quickly and easily as he just stared everywhere but at my face or pussy- driving me nuts. He removed his watch and his shoes and settled back against the hutch as if he had all the time in the world and made an impatient, “go on” motion that snapped something in me. (I am not submissive and hate being told or made to do anything, it verges on the pathological sometimes.)

Instead of going full tilt boogie at making myself cum to get more of his clothes off I started taking my time… every time I got close to orgasm, I edged off a little bit. One of us was going to break and it wasn’t going to be me.

The next orgasm took me by surprise, my focus was on him more than my body and I failed to back off in time. It was enormous. Huge. Ridiculously so and the bored and aloof look on his face was starting to make way in the face of self assured arrogance as he lazily pulled his top off and tossed it on the couch.

By this point I was ridiculously horny and starting to get weirdly competitive, so I put down my vibrator and started rubbing my breasts, tugging at my nipples and ignoring him completely. Two can play that game, I thought. I lost myself in the feeling of touching myself alone on the couch- in an empty house. Out in the open. Or at least I tried to.

He shifted against the hutch, making a noise and I looked up, locking eyes with him. He was no longer aloof. He was riveted, all of his attention on me. I slowed my hands even more, pushing them down between my legs, the heel of my palm grinding against the top of my pussy- the slightest pressure sending me over the top into a back bending orgasm. He stood up, no longer leaning against the hutch and took his belt off, dropping it.

The thud of the belt against the floor sounded ridiculously loud and I smiled. I took a long, slow look at James, wondering when his socks had come off before gazing up the length of his body. I didn’t so much as pause at the very obvious erection he had before traveling up to his face and just before reaching his eyes I stopped and looked over his shoulder, denying him the pleasure of eye contact as I slipped a finger inside my pussy for the first time.

At this point, it became a battle of wills. Him, restraining himself until I came 2 more times. Me, teasing him while I touched myself, never quite getting all the way to orgasm. He flat out told me to cum, his voice monotone and commanding, his arms crossed over his chest. I smirked at him and said I’d do it when I felt like it. Testing the limits of his tolerance by slowly sliding my finger out of my pussy and sucking my juices off of it. That got him moving.

He walked over to me, deliberately slowly while I traced the outer lips of my pussy with my fingertips, back arched. He stopped when he hit the edge of the couch. His cock was so close to me, I could brush it with my fingers if I wanted. But I just kept stroking my pussy, staring up and over his shoulder, rolling my hips, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Deliberately ignoring him.

His hands went to the fly of his pants as I sank two fingers deep into my pussy, shuddering. I was so close to the edge, flirting with danger… I slid them out slowly, breathless as he made noises deep in his throat. His hands were clenched tight on the waistband of his pants, trembling… and it undid me. I nearly blacked out from the orgasm that rocked my body like an internal explosion and before I was even coming back to reality his cock was thrusting into me.

30 minutes later I was still trembling and shivering from how hard I came, it was incredible.


Beg for forgiveness

Are you feeling left out because you’ve been blocked by me? It can be a real bummer to feel like you’re missing out on my content just because I don’t want you in my audience. But what if there was a way to pay to be unblocked by me?

Well, on my platform, I believe in giving my users the power to control their own audience. That’s why I offer the option for users to pay to be unblocked by me. However, it’s important to note that even if you do pay, it’s ultimately up to me whether or not I choose to unblock you. I believe in respecting the boundaries and decisions of my users, and I encourage you to do the same. So if you’re feeling left out because you’ve been blocked, consider reaching out and seeing if paying for an unblock is an option. But don’t forget to respect my decision, even if you’ve paid for the chance to reconnect with me.

Real Talk

If you buy a bitch a burger…

I am officially PAST the point of hangry.

All things being equal- COVID sucks. It’s been almost 4 months since I caught COVID and I am still getting my ass beat by it.

What I need, truly need, more than anything right now is Killer Burger.

Help a girl out?

Matty McTech Real Talk

Man Crush Monday

Wherein I out myself a tiny bit.

This isn’t a usual, come and talk to me sort of post. Think on it more like a tell all type confessional. I will try to be very truthful. Upfront, as far as Man Crushes go… I have a lot. I love men. All types of em. Think Lizzo with her “Boys” song.

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Cucks like it hard cuckolding

Fetish Friday: Cuckolding

Let’s talk about cuckolds.

Cucks are some of my favorite callers- for real. They are happy to give away their power and sit in the corner, caged or uncaged, while I get fucked by bigger, better cocks than theirs. They know that someone can fuck their wives better, they accept it, and thus accepting it begin to get turned on by their wives’ arousal. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

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Puppy asking omg why Archival Post

Sold a pup

don’t you just love that phrase? Sold a pup. to be swindled. Talked into getting something you didn’t necessarily want or need.

What I find sad, and it is something that has the capability of actually depressing the fuck out of me, is that eventually the good ones (clients) end up believing that they have been sold a pup.

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Archival Post

From 11 Years Ago

Now, some girls might say, “I’ve had an account for 7 years but I only started taking calls two weeks ago.” I laugh in the face of that.

My feedback laughs with me.

I love my job, it’s a vocation for me, not a paycheck.

Gladly, I am a straight-ho and love knowing that what I could give away for free and some silly girls do already, I get paid for. It gives me a tingle in my panties.