Meet Vicious Vicky, The Queen of The Figure-Four Leglock

Did you know I love wrestling fantasies?

I wrestle under the persona of Vicious Vicky and I am the champion of both the female and mixed wrestling circuits. Not even a beast stands a chance against my cruel submission holds developed over years of training. I’m known for my signature terrifying Figure Four Leglock submission hold but I much more prefer knocking my opponents out with Scissorhold or one of several devastating convulsion-inducing nerve pinches.

Tonight’s match will be against Brian … I’ve had the poor guy wearing a chastity cage under tight pantyhose for two weeks while only being able to view my female form from the ankle down. His orgasmic moaning when I slow dangle my pumps is making me cringe and I’ll probably allow him a very painful orgasm in tonight’s match. I sent Rebecca to his dressing room to completely destroy his mind prior to our match.

I enter the ring and play the crowd while slowly disrobing my white feathered robe. I’m hoping the cameras capture my outfit well as I reveal a shiny pink bodysuit with the stomach cut out.

I’m sporting a pair of thick shiny tan pantyhose cut at the ankle. I smile to the cheering blood-thirsty crowd and point down at my closed-toe heels and allow time for the camera to zoom in on my feet, ankles and heels. Slowly I remove my left foot and reveal my pedicure for tonight’s match … my big toes are painted with a shiny pink background and adored with rhinestones. The center of the toes have the logo of The WWE. The more I flex my foot for my fans, the more they cheer for me.

Brian starts to make his way to the ring and Rebecca really worked the poor guy over pretty well. His face is covered in lipstick and the wet-spot on his pantyhose is about a foot from end to end … I don’t think he’ll last past the pre-match kiss. I can tell by the way he is approaching the ring the fabric of the lubricated pantyhose is taking his toll on him. Behind Brian, I see Rebecca smiling while pointing down at her foot … she must have mercilessly edged him with her feet. I’ve never seen her perform this magnificently and I’m very proud of her.

As he approaches the ring, I grab him by his hair and viciously pull him through the ropes. I allow him to fall face-first on the mat and smile to the cheering crowd as he involuntarily humps the mat. I know if I don’t intervene that he’ll cum in a minute so I pull him by his hair to his feet … the look in his eyes is glazed so I deliver a power round-house kick to he face sending him back to his corner. His arms are draped over the top ropes supporting his body … I blow a kiss to my fans and run to his corner, leap a few feet in the air and scissor his waist to the ring-post with my thick powerful thighs while wrapping my thick muscled biceps around his neck. I pulse my thighs three times and the crowd cheers “ONE! TWO! THREE!” then release the chokehold on his neck and press my right thumb into his neck causing him to painfully convulse while being suspended my my thick pulsating body-scissors.

After only a few seconds, I unwrap my python-thighs from his unconscious convulsing body. I think to myself “Lets see if Rebecca can bring him back from that!”.

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