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Forever SHINee & Taemin

In October of last year I found a K-Pop band called SHINee via a cosplay reel on Instagram. So bizarre, right? If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’ve gone head over heels for K-dramas and am seriously dreaming about finding my way to South Korea for a couple months.

Anyhow, back to SHINee. Watching SHINee content has become my quick fix for feel good feelings. Having a bad day? Time to hop on over to Instagram and peep the SHINee fan accounts I follow (they are legion- seriously)

Shortly after falling head over heels for SHINee, I discovered Guilty, by Taemin, the youngest member. The lyrics are… basically what you’d expect someone like myself to fall head over heels for.

Make you addicted, you can’t tell pain from love
That’s what we’ve become

Guilty, Taemin

The featured image for this post comes from the poster for his Press It tour:

Keen eyes will spot that it’s a composite of Taemin kissing… yep… Taemin.

I’m sure I have way more interesting and cognizant things to say about Taemin as an artist other than he confuses the shit out of me- do I want to ruin him? Have him ruin me? Ruin people together WITH him? Pick his brain? Fuck him? Be his friend? Maybe all of the above, depending on when you ask me.

What’s worse…
I can say similar things about every other member of SHINee. You’d think, oh ok, Taemin is very much Vicky coded and you’d be right. But Minho is tall and delicious and a gentleman with a nice voice; Onew is freaking adorable and his voice is AMAZING; Jonghyun has the most amazing smile, voice, and personality; and Key… well if there’s another Vicky coded member of SHINee it’s Key. It’s in the way he glances at the camera with a half smirk on his face right before he does something that he knows is going to make the audience scream, and when they do his smile blinds you.

He knows what he’s doing. They all do, and I couldn’t love them more for it.

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