Cucks like it hard cuckolding

Fetish Friday: Cuckolding

Let’s talk about cuckolds.

Cucks are some of my favorite callers- for real. They are happy to give away their power and sit in the corner, caged or uncaged, while I get fucked by bigger, better cocks than theirs. They know that someone can fuck their wives better, they accept it, and thus accepting it begin to get turned on by their wives’ arousal. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

I love that cuckolding has so many flavors.

Humiliation- your dick is too small to make me cum. I must have a bigger cock.

Racial- I want a black cock because white all men pale in comparison black men, who are infinitely superior.

Shared/hotwifing- it’s less about humiliation and more about how much of a turn on it is to watch. Let me tell you, I recently watched the Jack Ryan television show. I think it was in S01 E03- Black 22 that the young drone pilot gets disturbed and tries to gamble all his $1 kill shot bills away. He ends up in a fancy hotel room, loads of money, drunk with a hot mature blonde and her husband and while the husband is pouring drinks the blonde is coming on to the young man. Hubby sits down to watch. They fuck. Kid can’t believe his luck. Then when everything’s over, wife stumbles out of the room and the hubby belts the kid. Hard. Vicious. I was simultaneously turned on and laughably amused at this. Does this kind of man exist? And if he does, I bet there’s a reason the bull is young, dumb, and drunk.

Then we have the sissy service cucks- they are the ones who have been pussy free so long that the wife and the cuckolding is merely a bridge to the bull. They end up being the fluffer who neatly edges his wife out of the bed, greedily sucking the bull’s cock off too well, swallowing down the cum with a shameless smirk and an “Ooops, my bad” before greedily working the bull back to full arousal. These are the bicurious who begin with forced bi and end up on their knees, wives forgotten, glorying in having their bussies fucked to full sissygasm, their tiny cocks dripping and spending down the front of their pretty pink panties.

Overall, I love all of them- what kind are you? Call me and let me know.

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