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Sold a pup

don’t you just love that phrase? Sold a pup. to be swindled. Talked into getting something you didn’t necessarily want or need.

What I find sad, and it is something that has the capability of actually depressing the fuck out of me, is that eventually the good ones (clients) end up believing that they have been sold a pup.

Somewhere along the way they stop remembering how we got started and end up thinking (somewhat rightly) that we have created a relationship… but the beginning always stands in the way and inevitably I get whapped in the face with the fact that I am ‘just a PSO’ and that I am ‘being paid’ to give them attention.

As if the almighty dollar has that much sway on whether or not I block you, give you bad phone, or am attentive and interested in you. You’d think that after nine years I would stop being surprised.

sadly, I am an optimist. 

Today I got pride and prejudice in the mail as well as a book, lies my teacher told me, from MG. It was a very nice present– I like presents. not as much as I like videotaping someone while they torture themselves at my behest though.


Tomorrow my sis and I are off  to get blue and purple hair, hooray! Then on Thursday I am going to the Getty Villa. For a month I have been fretting over money to have enough for the Getty and then my engine dies and needs rebuilding. *sigh*

Thank god for miracles, and kindly family members.

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