Matty McTech Real Talk

Man Crush Monday

Wherein I out myself a tiny bit.

This isn’t a usual, come and talk to me sort of post. Think on it more like a tell all type confessional. I will try to be very truthful. Upfront, as far as Man Crushes go… I have a lot. I love men. All types of em. Think Lizzo with her “Boys” song.

But there’s a kind of guy that I really like and that’s your friendly neighborhood computer guy. Oh yeah. You probably know one of them. If you ARE one of them… please please please… call me or comment, something. Y’all, these guys are my kryptonite, right after teachers. Yum.

So it shouldn’t surprise you then that I found this guy: Matty McTech.

Wow. I don’t know what it is about a computer guy explaining stuff that sends my hormones into overdrive, but there you go. Beyond that- he’s got some pretty nifty tips. I’ve been checking out his powerful websites to know videos and his Excel tricks (iykyk) and I gotta say, I am impressed and turned on. Where and how do I meet a guy like this who is ALSO kinky and okay with being out kinked every so often? Inquiring minds really want to know.

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